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Filter Bags

Rayla supplied fluid bed dryer filter bags are custom made to your specification and are manufactured from yarns that comply with FDA and EU standards for food and pharmaceutical use.

Rayla filer bags feature:

  • High particle retention for maximising product retention and reducing losses.
  • High fabric strength and stability to maintain product purity.
  • Bags designed by our team that are easy and accurate to fit.
  • Through its hanging loop design, our Fluid Bed Dryer Bags deliver an enhanced bag life.
  • Maximum production and good turbulence has been achieved through the products' low air resistance.
  • Easy and effective fitting through its zip closure.
  • The prevention of leakage, through expert tailoring, ensures that there is a strong and accurate fit.
  • Even and efficient evaporation of the liquid is delivered through our specialist fabrics.
  • Full electrical conductivity

Food and Pharmaceutical Grade Filter Bags
We understand the requirements from regulatory authorities on items in contact with food and pharmaceutical products. We can offer you technical fabrics that conform to the current FDA and EU regulations.
We can also offer you a highly-skilled team that can deliver a variety of mesh bowl covers and filter bags, and as part of our commitment to outstanding customer service we can offer inspection, testing and repair facilities on all our  products.
The Rayla Fluid Bed Dryer Bag is manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards.

Rayla Filter Bag Rayla Filter Bag